Want to attract an even greater number of live viewers to your stream for free?  Twitch overlays and panels are true superpowers behind the most successful channels on Twitch. 

Ready To Get Free Twitch Overlays And Panels?

How the channels on Twitch can stand out with Twitch Overlays and Panels?

Just a couple of days, or weeks passed since your first Twitch channel creation but you’ve already noticed that not all the channel pages look the same. In fact, the most successful ones with hundreds of thousands of live viewers per stream make their pages unique using various custom-designed Twitch panels and overlays. If you never heard of those, and curious what those are, we’ve listed clear-cut explanation for each down below.

Before you jump right into what a Twitch panel or overlay is and where to get one for your channel, lets see how they might help you.

How those Twitch extensions are going to help you :


    • You’ll knock your live viewers socks off (seriously, having new overlays, or a combination of several, on each stream looks amazing)
    • You’d love streaming lot further (as if that’s not happen already!)
    • You’ll be thrilled to bits yourself when getting the overlay or panel that entirely matches your style and conveys your personality
    • You’d get your Twitch viewers engagement skyrocketing each stream (isn’t is worth trying?)

How the Twitch platform itself describes the reason for using panels and overlays

“Extensions are interactive overlays and panels, developed by 3rd parties, which put you at the heart of the next evolution in live streaming. With Extensions, the Twitch community can interact in ways that were never thought possible – from heat maps and real-time game data overlays to mini-games, music requests, and leaderboards, you now have the power to truly impact the streaming experience – whether you’re a streamer or viewer.”

Yet, unless you are a graphic/3D designer yourself Twitch overlays may well cost you a fortune.

But that’s not the only way to get them.

For those on a tight budget, we’ve placed just a couple of Twitch panels and Twitch overlays that you might want to spice up your next stream with. For free.  

What Twitch Panels Are and How They Look Like?

Twitch panels are those boxes or squared graphics that appear at the bottom of your live stream. These small yet cool visuals can help you organize information about your stream in a useful way.

It is those icons where a variety of information can be located such as “About me”, “Chat Emotes”, or “Chat Rules”, you can fundamentally include anything you want from giving out your social media account names to something to like gifts, or giveaways. 

A side tip, do not do it like many people are doing it, yes they are the pros, and all, but the whole idea of streaming is that you do it on your own.

People might watch you because you stand out from the rest. Perhaps you are good at what you play. Both cases being true are also possible. 

What Twitch Overlays Are and How to Get Free Twitch Overlays

Think of Twitch overlays as some sort of catchy layout framing your video while you stream.

It is one of those things that you dress up your stream account with, there are the flaming kind or the stormy kind, and in fact, there are infinite kinds of overlays. They are like the clothes you can put on your stream account from time to time.

The corners of your screen and overall look of it comes from the overlay that you have selected, if you have any at all. When your stream ends and you do not want just a blank screen, you can choose an overlay to show something at the end of it.

The starting scene likewise can be opted to show something cool or animated again depending on the overlay you choose. That is not all though. Twitch overlays handle the transition and much more. When someone cheers, you can set up an animation that pops right up at this very moment to make it easy for you to remember. 


How about when you are away, and you want to have one of those cool animations to show up? Done! you can have it with overlays. Or perhaps, you want to say that you are going to be back soon, and writing this out can be arranged as well.

These little animated popups are the coolest way to help you remember the contributor and thank them in a timely manner. Thanking your contributors is very important when streaming because without contribution you could not be doing it.

Overlays are very important when it comes to designing your Stream Account. Not only that, they can fit for YouTube and beam any other streaming platform you might come across.



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