Privacy Policy

A user’s personal data remains confidential unless it is shared in accordance with Data Protection law if the Company or part of the business is sold, transferred or integrated with another business, with our advisers, a prospective purchaser, a prospective purchaser’s advisers or the new owner of the Company to facilitate the process. Also, the certain data and customer analytics may be provided to third parties if the result of such is forecast to improve the quality of service or make necessary changes.

Cookies Use

We and our third-party service providers use cookies and similar technologies to collect information about, and relevant to, your usage of FreeTwtch. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website. It is standard practice to use cookies to make your experience better when using a website. By storing strictly necessary cookies we are able to provide basic convenience to a user by keeping the login details, or the number of tasks completed, or the points earned which improves the accuracy of the service.

Analytics cookies on the other hand, provide necessary data to improve site’s technical aspect. By storing those we are able to track web page errors, frequent searches and most in-demand services. There are also security cookies which help us detect malicious activity or violations of terms of use. You can delete existing cookies and disable some or all types of cookies in future if you wish. To disable some or all types of cookies, you will have to change the settings on your browser. If you change your mind, you can enable cookies again at any time. Disabling cookies on your browser may stop the Website from working properly.

Your Rights

We respect your rights to privacy and will respond to requests for access or control over information about you in accordance with Data Protection Law. We may require you to verify your identity before we take any action.

Depending on the reason we have your personal data, you have a right to:

  • access the personal information we hold about you (commonly known as subject access);
  • request that we correct or complete personal information we hold about you that is inaccurate or incomplete;
  • restrict how we use your personal information, in certain circumstances;
  • withdraw the consent to process your data at any time with prior notification